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show its practicability, others must adopt it and show the world the re-

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in from one to two minutes ; a solution of one per cent, of nitric

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under the head of Diseases of Texture of the Spinsd Cord, Rokitansky remarks :

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6. Compilation of Standard Definitions, 3rd Ed. Philadelphia, American

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paroxysm, will be very much favored by a removal of the pa-

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the patient, a woman of 29, has remained well for several

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cise the doctrines of the one and the works of the other so long,

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citis, that I have hardly the temerity to proceed and

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and called Djoumouchau and Arbauouz. These two small

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spond to the circular fibres of the os internum. He

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to be killed. This may be modified by giving the drug twice daily

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our view of the matter is found in the fact that those who believed in

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of a division of the fee. The greater part of what is contained in Dr.

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experimentally, and Andral and others practically, that sugar is secreted and

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the desired reduction in stroke risk for NVAF individuals.

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At a meeting of the Clinical Society of London on April 12th. Mr. Gant

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with humanized virus at least two thousand children, and have never in

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was quite correct, and the poetry itself had no appearance of being the work of a

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branes were gangrenous and the fundus of tumour bare ; itself of a dark colour;

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the other where the symptoms were definitely localized, usually

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the care and treatment given to the whole patient who is ill

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It disappeared after the bowels had been thoroughly moved with small

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