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Mr. C, aged forty-six, of a bilious nervous temperament, of
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raent as the edges of this bone presented to penetrate through
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cers, which states that vessels plying between Canadian ports
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striated and those of smooth muscular fibre than that resulting
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left with him. Those long in practice had learned to
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tributed both to the large and small intestines run as in the
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and agreeable odor, its mild and pleasant bitter taste, and its
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and of animals who have succumbed to tetanus, are very trifling.
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that has happened in Mr. Molhson's case and that the mucocele became
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240.— Ijavocat (A.) Modifications de I'apophyse coro-
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the parties, the panel may consult experts, texts or
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of 4 to 6 months’ duration, recurrences were totally
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The hypogastric arteries become obliterated, the um-
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The diagnosis in this case seems unquestionable. The pre-
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tute from .5 to S per cent, of the cases of "typhoid,"
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velopment of gastric or epigastric disorder, Ihe latter having its
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but few of them will furnish recruits to the I'anks of prostitutes.
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in the abdominal walls of persons who are suffering from ascites or ovarian
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2. Copious water-drinking caused a more pronounced lessening of
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condition underlying the symptoms of intoxication, one does not under-
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(0 \ lu-iluT II- <-\.u u.iii.iii lM-in.j-.ib,,nt ,iin , li.m-.,'.- in llu- >uii|noin-.
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most constantly associated with retarded ability to walk
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individuals under Group a, that is, those who contracted yellow fever
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Dose.—R. and C, ^ i.-iv. (30.-120.); Sh. and Sw., 3 ii.-iv.
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strates that this is the case. One may, following Weismann, cut off the
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any consideration, to let any of the pus come in contact with
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the present instance, the fistula did not seem to affect
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(5) That although the evidence is not exact with regard to the times for
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tlie deposition of fatty, atheromatous, and tubercular
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was prescribed in the form of the cabinet bath to be followed
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in less than twelve hours ; but if it operated in this

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