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working classification of renal diseases is made most eas-
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the tissues. The mode by which the COg is removed from the tissues and
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ment (1:8); and salicylic acid three to six per cent, in zinc ointment.
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One single article of diet comes to us, en revanche ; con-
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sacrificed because the parents would not consent to cer-
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Pathology. The earliest record of a post mortem ex-
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134.— 66. Heller. Op. cit. p. 223.-67. Babes and Sion. Die Pellagra, 1901, p. 50.— 68.
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In order to determine the passage taken by the air in inspiration,
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astringent but not irritating, and is worthy of a more extended
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cases of lupus, scrofulosis is more or less distinctly traceable, and, fur-
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bacillus.' In the same year Duval and Schorer isolated a bacillus
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sages. — Dr. Clarence C. Rice, of New York, read a paper on
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present or, if present, secondary to other hyperostoses,
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The use of alcoholic stimulants was quite discarded in the stage of collapse ;
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Chief at the central office to certify to the completeness of all the
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hardlv possible that it could have been mistaken by the
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is little or no diminution of strength in the upper extremities. How-
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animals were without danger but this was not true of
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much so as lo cause great soreness of the muscles of the
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develoj) hypertrophy of the accommodation muscle (as
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can exist in any temperature above 48° F., and have been found
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in Spartanburg County, S. C, and the Relation of the Initial Attack to Race, Sex
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The head rested on a lipomatous muff. The fatty masses formed tumours of various
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there could be no question that the bilateral operation was
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but such transmission must be very rare. While it is true that the germs
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may be very much benefited by it ; and the simultaneous use-
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Autopsy twenty-four hours after death ; usual post-
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sheet, the hands and arms can be washed with soap and
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mon-duct stones are greatly in the minority, the seriousness of the
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pushed apart. The intervening lax tissue between the bundles
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more dangerous in this respect than ether. Deductions
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evident there was some escape of bile, as shown by the
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or the determination exclusively either of the inspector or the dealer. The act
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for this patient population who were not administered
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A. Internally. — The use of the spirit and corrosive sublimate
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VfXr* Whioh contains only five per cent, of acetic acid, has been often taken

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