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It is an operation which includes in its last developments an intellectual

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Had been lame for about six months. The lameness, though at

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during life by the late Mr. Nunneley of Leeds. The specimen consists

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We should specially mention those of MM. Hericourt and Richet,

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been less directly engaged in the battle. To the use and abuse of

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(•) WINSL O W. "Veterinary Materia Medica and Tlierapeu-

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ceased at the age of seven. For twelve months she had had attacks

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"The members of the Branch who have died during the year are :

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and in the last stages burdened with the ever-increasing arterial

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spleen, and diaphragm, were two distinct masses of intestine. The

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and among those brought for consultation. I was soon convinced that

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cluding apices and bases. Abdomen. — The liver was enlarged, perhaps

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sive change than the left, but subcapsular breathing had occurred and

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and detaching the crusts or scales, disinfecting the diseased surfaces,

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in the lumbar portion of the cord and in certain nerves, notably the

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seemed to be easily restrained. His feet did not tremble now ; tickling

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In March, 1894, this horse had suffered from pneumonia. On return-

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returned to their horizontal position, and continues until the first period

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power of old nomadic habits, my office knows me not

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was 1,126. The enormous efilux of population now taking place from

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sometimes unsteady on its legs. In most the cough is deep,

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again : it had a strangulated inguinal hernia — a hernia certainly due to

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tack. HI 2 days. 37th hands. 15. Pain in joints much less. 22. No troublesome cough ; face flushed. 8, 10, 15.

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we eliminated it by the negative results attending inoculation of several

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I nevertheless sent a description of my case to him, and received by express a

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yet not completed) is taken up by a mass of details, all of which relate

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frequency. Of 600 fowls examined after death by Ztirn, 62 were

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of pleuropneumonia, which subsided. When apparently going on well,

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The latter case dates from September, 1893. It was brought here

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Ihey would be liable, under the twenty-first clause, to very heavy

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di.agnosi.s, which on that ground alone might have caused hesitation as

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It grew rapidly and caused the animal much inconvenience, as shown

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Had been in M. S — 's possession for five months. The roaring

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On passing the finger behind the left guttural pouch a large, rounded,

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