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butter, jam, or marmalade, a sponge cake, may be allowed, with milk

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with an air of triumph : " Surely there can be no harm in tobacco, since

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organs comprising the alimentary system in health and also their

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ease with which experiments in cerebral localization

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that many of the phenomena of which we are speaking, are

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the finger-tips and palms with the greatest difiiculty. Backward

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I feel sure that they possess a considerable degree of virtue.

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Local Treatment of Smallpox Eruption with Carbolic Acid.

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1888, Bresl., i889, Ixvi. 270-283, Also: InteTnat. klin.

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this neutralizing property; the permanency of the result being decid-

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guaranty of the superior excellence of the article upon which it is

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to consider that we are the servants of the public appointed

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that the Society will convene at Lexington on the 19th of May, and not on the

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during the course of typhoid fever that recovered, although we are

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patients, for instance, with unilateral lesions of this region

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Glasgow, and William Bryden, of Saltcoats. They rented a

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closely in the quantities of their constituents with the average

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articulation were thin and detached; the ends of the bones spongy; no tuber-

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met with twelve cases. Pelvi-peritonitis was often mistaken for hematocele.

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a viscid secretion (the chief source of the agglutination of the

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with much albuminuria, the convulsions receive the name of puerperal

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lowest portion of the spinal cord, this does not neces-

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the reflex is self-evident. It is true that the relief obtained

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and yet the constriction of the last turn of the bandage

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Chester White. — Narrow at top or bottom; not full nor same depth as body,

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injurious consequences. The fii'st and most important benefit was the imme-

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Other confervoid forms, requiring an instructed eye to distinguish

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Cancer inoculation made immediately after a stimulative dose of

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enlargement conveys into the blood an increased quantity of

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aetiology of rickets, then there is clearly a simple method of eliminating

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mode of obstruction was well illustrated in a man, thirty-

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According to Carman nine-tenths of the ulcers are seen

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and yet its progrefs was flow and almoft infenfible, the deaths

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JIacbice.— On March 23, at Marlborough, Wilts, the wife of Dr. J. B.

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each other to put the new anassthetic to the severest

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by the intersection of a line uniting the inion and

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epilepsy, namely, the motor, the sensory, the aphasic, and the physical — all

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needs at the time, in order to prevent threatened relapses. In

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mercial depression, strikes, etc., has united with the

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