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involvement it was deemed wise to remove only the epithelial
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be deduced. The springs are delightfully situated in
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tion, as Gruby and Delafond pretend also to have observed ; and he doubts this
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gie der Darmbewegung. Ibid., 1894, xx, 897. See also,
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passing out of use. Certainly, in the case of drugs whose reme-
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by mutual friction. In appearance also they vary — white, yellow,
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if present should be treated as indicated. The removal of
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himself. His left eye was inflamed superficially, liis jugular
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in different parts of its course, we may have conditions which correspond
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has probably been employed for a generation more universally than
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will be interfered with and a crippled hand result. It is astonish-
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profuse, there is an actual loss of material, of salts and organic matter,
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days, the tendency to relapses is very gi'eat. In a recent paper by Dr.
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cause the pleural sinuses to be filled with the enlarged pulmonary
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of the spectrum. It is only that certain frequencies, i.e.,
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to the side and the arm retained in position by ban-
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foreign body visible, tangible, easily accessible, and if it
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distribution of cancer in Scotland. I have, however, guarded
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DD Trunkey, eds). New York, Thieme-Statten, 1985, Vol
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la fistule ur6thro-vaginale. J. do mdd. de Par., 1889, xvi,
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equilibrium is disturbed, reduced excretion and polyuria alternate, and
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sitive stomach and vomiting may ensue ; or it may pass through the
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hemorrhage, with occasional slimy discharge, came on, accompanied
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produced gas, was isolated from the liver. It had the general
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* to be exclusively devoted to the exposure of the follies of ourselves and
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It is quite certain that what are generally called spurious worms
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d'opht.. Par., 1898, 3. a., xx, 696-099.— Fciier (X.) .Jelen-
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Joseph Jastrow, in " Fact and Fable in Psychology,"
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Cuilen, Dr. Gular Pouch of the Bustard, review, 160
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The body was that of a male infant, 19 inches in length,
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pointed to meet them was far from cordial, and instead
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