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denuded of periosteum. I omitted to say that before preparing the

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respect to the distribution of the lesions, and because of the ease

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this injury the skin of the hands became hard, dis-

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malaria^. It was only later that these motile bodies w^re properly

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is an endemic disease occurring in Aleppo, Bagdad, Biskra, and

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Each secdon is of a square form. It is that, as we have

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college of students derived from different ranks and classes of

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for the purposes of movement and vitality and finally altered into pro-

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lands adjacent to rivers, lakes, or the sea may be tilled by pumping silt

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four times during the night. Dark-grecn-looking evacuations. Urine

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very large — namely, twenty per cent. Of the entire num-

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lete."* From the anatomical reasons jast stated, Huxley concludes that

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ments, during which time internal metastasis has taken place.

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that he believed that lie secured as good results from the

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News, Philadelphia, August 7, 1886 ; also American Text-hooJc

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the Medical School were congratulating the Associa-

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Following the collection of the data, the groups met for

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backward, the anterior chamber very deep, and the aqueous humour tur-

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here to express his unqualified approval of the position taken by the

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day one injection is given, the next one in the morning, and another

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And while in no sense belittling the per- State Society along modern lines. Then

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formed into a murmur. A constant murmur, therefore, in the

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bony canal and the consequent swelling and compression of

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of iron, with beef-tea ad libitum; and a poultice to the

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Adopted the progress report of the Council on Professional Relations and Medical Service.

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compounds ; and Part III., by Charles H. \'illiams, Ph.B., Ph.C, of

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weather of the month reached the United Kingdom by means

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;McMullan. Di-. Oscar, Sketch of Life of — Captain Thomas S. McMulhrn 360

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etc.) are not sufficient, each in itself, but on the other hand each one

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