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AMA Alliance materials, i.e., “I Can Choose,” “I Can Be

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a few weeks it is advisable to take another X-ray photograph

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issue of the cases, either favourable or the reverse. Neither

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The sensation which the mortality of that period excited,

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until the surface is completely free from scabs, and repeated, thorough

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twelve hours, and then boiled. Plates, knives, forks,

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cians in that direction. Graphically, this can be illus-

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which were no test at all of the actual conscientious and pur-

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cancer and tubercle cannot remain in the body, any more than a splinter of

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on the larynx and trachea are included, and the gravest emer-

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times impossible to detect tuberculosis in cattle, asked

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part of a general muscular relaxation. Here the stools

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so short a time that nasal surgery, as we employ the term

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the etiology of the infectious diseases ; but it is opposed

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time such patients are subject to attacks of elephantoid fever, a condition not with-

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of which terminate in closed extremities or pouches. The vessels

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it. Dittrich found it present in S.ldfc of cases of gastric

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but they also illustrate, as it were, the very nature of the processes of those diseases,

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frauQ.d opht., Par., 1891, ix, 112-125. Also: Arch, d'opht..

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marized as follows: During the first twenty-four hours after the

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would be in the United States. The native xjopulation

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him to indicate that the lungs are always lessened in weight

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officially returned to report themselves are the two in whom

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to an unusually severe toxemia. Here the greatest danger is of

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period fully as long as the period they were in the formaline*

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so that each of the town generation had lost 10|^ years of life, in

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extremely rare to find only one such excavation in a tuberculous

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ficially fed, 1*2 (ei^ht, jjfeneral diet; two, cow's milk; two, condensed milk); no

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and sometimes the condition lasted for several days. They had to

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deal of work, and perhaps no man ever entered with more alacrity

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ever, may mislead the physician. The point which Currier

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explained away, where, then, is the sense of observa-

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not certain; there was little information on the natural

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is increased, the pulse arhythtoic, the respiration dyspneic.

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or on the following da}^ or days there are only slight elevations of

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