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and Surgeons, New York City, with the collaboration of

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which, as continuous paths, traverse the cell and compose the axis

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the wheel, which occupies one of the two positions,

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diao-ram shows the form and index of mitral stenosis as against aortic regurgita-

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tated to try to clear Mr. Rivington and to throw discredit on

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nerves of the fifth pair, and to occasion a solution of the blood.

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rise to such an enormous traffic in the introduction of fresh earth

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In Scotland it has been called " grass staggers," from the fact

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from the mucous surface, but only when food (or some solid sub-

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could mention to you many cases illustrative of the truth of this asser-

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urobilin in the stool in all of eleven cases of per-

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ducive .as we hope to the li' nelit of Maidvind in i;eiieral and the

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nuclei of nucleated re<l corpuscles, when present, are

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f / *\ is underwritten by Continental Casualty Company

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In the m^galo-kystic form, the round point of the thermo-cautery is the

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pupils contracted and insensible to light, and occasional spasm-

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lesions of the pons ; they are usually very pronounced in occlusion of the

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MNeisserand Wech.sberg: Zeit. Hyg.. Vol^ xxxvl, 1901, p. 299.

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anatomy, biology, chemistry and pathology, and involving

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increase of the eosinophils in the blood, amounting to 37 per cent. This

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Sec. 7. It is incompatible with honorable standing in the profession to

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piece of zinc with the wire attached into tlie chamois-

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first cases were regarded and spoken of as scarlatina, which had been very

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normal. The lungs and heart were not remarkably congested, nor

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were poisoned, several of them so severely that their lives

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Toxic Theory. — A factor in the pathogenesis of leu-

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joints of both his hands had been getting affected quite

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used the injection every day, with very good effect. Of course,

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patient made a good recovery, and afterward, by mi-

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from that cause. He found no indications of injury ; and, if

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infrequently present the characters of these three varieties. The division

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one whose right femur, in addition to having been twice fractured in the short

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generation of considerate heat. It is also exhaled as alcohol, partidly

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Experiment 6. — To two tubes of plain broth there was added 0.5 cc. of a bacil-

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In June, we were eager to progress toward our goals of

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incisions in the penis, scrotum, and gangrenous ]iortion of the hyj)Ogas-

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be detected. After the cavity of the abscess had been

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