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fresh air from uiit iluont tiii a. jacket eiii-'losiiig a space aronnd a

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Mr. Brown alone, therefore, must atuch all the honours of th»

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I desire to present two cases strikingly similar as to

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Constipation is a marked feature in most cases, and the appetite is some-

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conservative surgery. The patient, however, subsequently died.

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Gonorrhoea. Soe Airol — Aluminium; Borotartrate —

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tion of the blood, a small quantity got spirted into the receiver ; the

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lesion four months later. (C) Areas of recurrence nine months after topical 5-FU. The recurrent areas had been excised

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of the head afterwards. The pains were very feeble.

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the energy of the he.irt, in the mental condition, and in the disappear-

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of the materials upon which he works, and can depend on

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presume he must have obtained strong evidence from personal

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delphia, vice-presidents; Dr. Richard J. Dunolison, of Phila-

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driod. potassa*. A small blister was applied jiist above the top of the

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ment, as it may be called, I have derived great benefit from

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syphilides of the secondary and tertiary periods, the nature of the lesion,

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cellulitis. After four positive electro-cauterizations and seven nega-

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you know that nature eliminates bacteria from the body through

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assure a soft stool and parts were cleaned after each

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from the press, but was in every case several days upon the road. In

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most important in Serbia," as I declared it to be my aim to make it, but

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experiments referred to this important matter has not been ade-

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drophobia, is capable of attenuation by exposure for

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