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and written in regard to this alarming and much dreaded accident, it is
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if prolonged, always involves the risk of extension of mischief through the
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half inches thick, and there was marked lymphorrhea.
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named. In every epidemic there are many cases of much milder type,
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in accordance with the opinion of Erie J. and Rolfe B. The prisoner was
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a terrible amount of vomiting. The vomiting was pernicious
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massage, gentle exercise, nutritious food, an abundance of
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opened at the end of forty-eight hours by enema, and as
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or epileptiform convulsions with partial or total respira-
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were additionally removed. Death, however, resulted
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cal irritation and frequent urination with bloody urine.
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processes of pregnancy and parturition were found in the main to
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per cent solution into the bladder. Mr. Battle replied
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In every severe case of cachexia the parenchymatous organs
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in sufficient quantity to relieve pain, and deodor-
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cording to Pembrey the food orders ai - e not balanced,
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tration or control, this fact should be indicated. In amphibious or
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year has been subject to recurring attacks of swelling
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The 50 cheese stands intermediate between the distinctively cold-
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symptoms of which is catarrh. The blow is usually received in
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September 24, 1920. Spots becoming paler. Rate fifteen to one
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Raymond, in which there were two small foci in the middle line of
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generalized narrowing of the arteries and thickening of the veins.
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true vibrio of cholera with a great host of other microorganisms which
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Tincture of Veratrum Viride is used instead, by some practitioners,
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The tendency of immune serums of high titer to give such non-
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character of the smile, and (2) the special features which distinguish
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bladder thoroughly washed out with sterilized water.

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