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Dr. R.^bagliati, of Bradford, related a case in which
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Contejean, who in a large number of tests upon himself
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the use of common sense and patience, with conscien-
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succeed to the position until the next Annual Session at
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certain forms of pseudo-diphtheria bacilli, especially in older cultures.
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several times, until finally there is no response to treatment, and irremedi-
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with caries of the second metatarsal bone of the right foot. He
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inflauunation of the drum — is taken for the whole. Catarrh of the
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measures that all are familiar with. So that when a case is announced
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There is another point in relation to this disease which is deser
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image in ocular puralvsis. Oplith. Rev., Lond., 1887, vi,
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serum is twice injected in doses of 10 cc. The interval is from six to
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most cases of cancer of the gall-bladder give a history of
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prudence will allow, passes through the stomach and small intestines un-
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a long time is harder to deal with than one of recent origin ; but that
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of which remained open, necessitating dressing twice a
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any obstruction in its lumen, but rather to a congenital defect in
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purpose quarantining suspected cases. In the neighboring
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For instance, if special state aid could be giveni to such districts
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try, into bodies denominated '■'nations" (some having
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present laminaj or concentric layers, and they contain blood-corpuscles in
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during pregnancy. The patients come at regular stated inter-
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point of distressful tarrying through the outer portal of
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leave it too much to pretenders ; and in all cases of cere-
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elaborate occupation. " There is no virtue like necessity."
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The magnetic crescograph is before you. If I attach to the apparatus
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the course of a few weeks undergo softening and may be incised. Intes-
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together with the mud and aquatic plants, laying bare a gravelly

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