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clotrimazole (gyne-lotrimin crema) precious

and Hutint published like cases with autopsies. Both the

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be felt in the joints on movement. No loose bodies could be

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owing to secondary cancer in the region of the leg centre, is a

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seized with severe pain in the upper part of the dorsal spine.

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in the high-risk group. Therefore, other techniques will have

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The stamp reproduced on the cover of this issue was

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Safety for use in pregnancy has not been established.

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The third weakness of the method is the lack of specificity

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white polypus was formed in each auricle of the heart, one of

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otomy opening and then peeling off the perichondrium and

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transient leukopenia may have been missed in our cases

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normal valves. In one patient, two blood cultures grew out S.

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androgenic deficiency. 4 Post-puberal cryptochidism

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tations of the acquired disease. (I may here note that my

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could voluntarily displace it beneath the coracoid process.

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him to tell me " whether he meant it as a proof of his right to

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laboratory that I would like to discuss is its need for being

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during the last three years that he had noticed any diflficulty

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sible that of her expected confinement. — X. ) '.

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of the International Medical Congress, vol. ii, p. 264.

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viz. that it is sometimes found coagulated in the inner surface

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only given to understand that the patient, who had received a

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Pulmonary venous hypertension (PVH) may result from

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of the serum. Andral^ says he agrees with Traill and Gendrin that the

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and some of the properties of the blood, in the year 1757. Speaking

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abundantly in the blood of the splenic vein. They did not differ in struc-

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*Presented at the Fourth Annual Governor's Conference on En-

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mend him to undergo the operation, I could say that his case

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colour perception was normal. She had no diplopia. Her

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appear on the screen. The propensity for darkness when no

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Because of some very sharp differences of opinion on this

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before made in these studies, he adds, "One difficulty at least is

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