writer's opinion such temporary leakages are far from uncommon,
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small-sized wash-bottle half tilled (with simple water, a
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sheet, the hands and arms can be washed with soap and
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** Laughter-loving and laughter-moving Sir John appears to
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refraction. It is a mydriatic which, even in producing a
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when we come out close to the pelvic brim. Again, by the time the
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observations on three monkeys. These observations will be included
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neglected — these are questions to be carefully and intelligently considered. * * *
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The Societies of New York, which have been so faith-
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tiuue such cliloroform accidents; but rather, by careful
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myself incompetent to decide. I have sometimes supposed it to be in
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oftener degenerate ? He had frequently operated on these
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Progressive Pernicious Anxmia. — By Alfred Stengel.
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though these also render the skin and underlying tissues hard and leathery.
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Second. — The number or quantity of rales is temporarily in-
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The best horses continue to furnish serum of a high grade for 5^ears.
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allowing nature, undisputed and unaided, to continue on
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phony to be owing to the natural resonance of the voice in the bronchial
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be taken to weigh at the same time of day each week in order to get
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parenteral therapy, or oral therapy with so-called massive doses of vitamin B,,, may
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Let this be as it may, we have the fact incontrovertibly estab-
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The whole large intestine can be fully dilated by injections of solutions of bi-
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and other serious by-effects may be observed when the exact
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do not, as a rule, participate in this discolouration.
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haemorrhage from the left ear, and during the night after

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