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heart was found to be in an advanced state of ialty degenera-

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the second, to force those opium-eaters who can afford

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From the description of Pettenkofer's method for the

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its rivals in number of adherents. First, the followers and prede-

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manently successful and worth the extra immediate risk, or where in

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xviii, 356-381, 1 1., 1 pi.— Hanseli (U. F.) Tlie po.ssibil-

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The growth of the parasite trichophyton produces quite different

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shortly see reprinted here this and many other modern English

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equally effective for white lead factories ; we would have it effectually

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Dr. Jordao believes himself first to have noticed this fact, which he regards as a

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furnished at the anterior of each ring after the third, with a series of

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Dr. Henry Head believed the condition was not due to hypo-pituitarism,

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Femoral lymphatic glands, n. Ilio-inguinal nerve, o. Saphenous opening.

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with many disappointments. Fresh air, sunlight, good food and

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thereafter commenced to remove the gauze gradually, not taking it all

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and we think the condition of the patient supports this "view. It

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of much good. Men are too apt to praise that which comes within their own

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adverse conditions, became stunted and dwarfed, both in mind and

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had remained so throughout its further progress. This

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There is often a slight bronchitisy with cough, which, when associated with a

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and even many montlis, the accumulation of intestinal contents being tok'vated,

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of " Histoire de la Legislation " de Pastoret says that " General

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we recognize as crystals of uric acid. We can thus see any crystal

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the combined treatment, though after the menopause removal

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from the public purse, enables him to pay himself, by charging

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cumstances will permit. On the other hand, men suffer-

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good and not evil results therefrom has taxed many a faithful

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cord, and the same criticism may be applied to so-called " cerebral "

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important in supplying energy during periods of fasting once

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able, they do not scruple to employ some speedier method of

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body and afterward poison it. The bacterial proteins may not be pois-

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