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subcutaneous wounds, and experience shows that they

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lesions or eruptions Lave been observed to ui)i)ear in the course of an

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have not been rewarded by sach results as to establish in any d^ree their

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not perfectly infallible beings ; and that just as they some-

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subcutaneous sutures, etc. In order to contract the ca

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succeeding days olives of progressive sizes were passed over the

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not be used all the time. Its contents if worth anything should

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telligence are like many of the lower animals, and to eat

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about \l inch from bladder, however, it was more dilated than above, but

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more frequent occurrence of insanity among females in

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pain is apt to be higher up. The differential diagnosis

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In the three varieties described in most of the text-

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An a{)oplectic attack dependent on embolism of the middle cerebral n

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others who habitually kneel at their work are frequent

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a,nd drainage will be demanded and recourse will be had later to the

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in India, ranging from 174-8 centimetres in the Rajput to

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doxical reactions, e g., excitement, stimulation and

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formin is a strongly alkaline solution of sodium hypochlorite. (Page

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to others, we would say, try it before you condemn it.

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always gently, firat with one finger, then with another, now with

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eyes were more frequently attacked with this difeafe than thofe

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tuition fees for the whole term which amount to S7 . 00 Mex. The

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intervening obstacles to secure good drainage through the

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sur I'erysipele. J. d. conn. vnitA. prat.. Par.. 1884. 3.

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anaesthesia in limited areas, the perfect sepsis and healing

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an increase of from 600 to 850 per cent., while that of the unwashed

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others of economic and vital importance to the State.

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that the novice should be converted to the faith, not

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Dr. Pratt, of Mich., reported from the Committee appointed last year to con-

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type or other takes place. The guiding post in diagnosis in the

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matter may be observed with the naked eye. Cramer has reported a case in

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with muscular tissue. On the left side the resonance is very

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alvus solvebatur, in aliquibus pustulse sub cute pro-

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hours, with the production of general infection. Special localizations

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re-inhumed in the ordinary burial-ground of one of the London woik-

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