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•Sauuder's Question Compends. Philadelphia: W. B. Saunders.

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the drum-membranes were intact, and the ossicles normal. Viscera normal.

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to day, as to her plan of conduct. She made some clothes for the pre-

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at one point of junction, and was easily unrolled for its whole length ;

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spraying it on the surface with an atomizer. To make the lotion. a<ld

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and especially his servants' latrines, and to see that the house and

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normal, no diadokokinesia, reflexes equal on both sides. !N'o tremors,

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Cardiovascular Conference - 12:00 PM; Education Wellness Center, Avera St Lukes Hospital; Speaker: to be

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10. Macklin CC: Transport of air along sheaths of pulmonic blood

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our benefit and instruction. Before entering, however, into a description of

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treat of the effusions occurring shortly after birth, before the sutures

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of ' washer-woman's hands,' after which the canal should be thoroughly dried with

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at St. Bartholomew's Hospital, and as Lumleian Lecturer at the

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are antipyrin and nitfo -glycerine. The latter is less transient in its

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unusually depressed or confused and demented, then the diagnosis of

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Sepsis, asepsis, and antisepsis, germs and germicides, cures and

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strong and almost constant cephalalgia. The patient

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attained by every one of us. These frail wasting bodies, these rest-

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t!ie patient, are all degrees equally respectable in a legal

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brown on the addition of solution of caustic soda, and yields an oily d«^

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cancer. If begun in small doses (i to 2 grains) daily it seldom fails

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iljii ' I; I 1 i.i V. I AiLE;jMii.LKR,E.sq.,5r.D., P. R.S., Professor of Chemistry nt King's College tHv.LErHEBV. Esq., SI.B^M. A., Ph. D.,

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been made that eclampsia of this origin has been replaced by ordinary

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away a long thick bristle, which lay archwise across.

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vomiting for the last three days before her death, and the abdomen

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ous disturbances that mark the steps of growth and de-

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sometimes assuming the form of tubercles of a livid or

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