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the influence of pilocarpine injections, but the child succumbed to the progress

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which covers the root of the hair, and which forms the " inner

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Method of Preparing the Beef Juice. One pound of lean

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Case 1.— (Langenbuch, Beriin, 1879 «• «; Westphal, Berlin, 1881.«) A merchant,

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applications ; hermetical sealing up of wounds in the region of the

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membrane which closes (watertight) the orifice. Pushed back by

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the breast; extreme anxiety; faintness; and vomiting

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greater in the rural than in the urban districts. Whether this remark-

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Hi, — the umbilical cord, — the uuiel-striug. It

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surface is involved and in all respects it is similar to

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vated by walking. The appetite was poor. Weakness gradually increased;

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disease was so rapid that there was considerable alarm among

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An institution conducted for the diagnosis and treatment of mild nervous disorders

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38 g. 2-bromo-5-acetaminophenol are obtained in this way, melting

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coldness ; more or less moisture of the surface ; a sense of

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climate which experience has shown to be least unfavorable for

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forms, but also in their faintly staining properties. This organism was

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Dulacska (G.) Eszrev6telek a Mzas ftdpirr61. [Obser-

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mechanism. The cephalad or visceral group may be present in the

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five others were completely cured and one died from acute

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Vienna do not comsist in its possession of instructors who are

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and a half years ago, after the birth of her last child, but

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before us the additional testimony of a very late French experimen-

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Much difference of opinion exists as to the production of the

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bougies, however carefully they might be employed. A

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Henby C. Lea's Publications — {Mat. Med, and TherapeuHcs). 18

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I should not be justified in sanctioning the operation in such a

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muscles. Most of the drugs that have been used in its treat-

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Hartshorn, Willis Ellis, Ph.B., Colo. Coll., '95- -Univ. Minn., '98 New Haven.

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the contractility of the intestinal muscular coat. The influence of voli-

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of morphine on the respiration and its constipating tenden-

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are reported in England that were infected during a game.

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Mental dei)ression was now a prominent leature in the

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