Abbreviation For International

brain. The cold bath is the most effective means of combating the

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iniijority of cases, tlu>n the nietabolisni must be ditlV'rt'iit from

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weighed in all thirty-seven pounds ; the pelvic mass

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this disastrous complication nearly killed the patient,

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difficulties in the wa}\ Added to this, even though a con-

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It is, of course, not possible to draw any far reaching conclusion

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cases in which cardiac hypertrophy is associated with pyloric hypertrophy the

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an injury of grave character, for example, has caused collapse

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whole, better professional men had ever served an organization.

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mental, but with the expectation of, at least, improving

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of the right side of the head, with cutaneous-hypersesthesia so

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the diaphragm was smooth and muscular, and fitted into a

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From the deep narcotism induced by the ether, the respiration

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inferior kind of gilding is effected by dissolving gold, with a

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the diaphragm and protrusion of the heart against the wall of the

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was third vice president and in 1889, second vice president. In 1891 Dr. W. J.

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M.D., F.R.C.P., Physician to the Department for Diseases of the Skin, University

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of malignant neoplasm with the serum thus derived — his anti-

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with engorgement; or, 2. Hypertrophy and induration, with brittleness.

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rose to 14,000 (March 18), and eventually reached a maximum of

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throuo-h the nose. For some months patient has had to

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hands of the metroi)olitan members. W. some meetings

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utter disrepute with the British medical profession that time

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abbreviation for international

jncduuval and classical may lend beauty to each other.

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ringwonn, in others like pemphigus, and in others almost like

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sht in the tail-end of the bird, and with the middle finger loosen

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The head was accordingly opened, and a considerable effusion of blood

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nomena of the pregnant state are due to uterine congestion

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medical abbreviation for tablespoon


Trional acts well if given in divided doses, the first about three hours

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for when operating. Arch. Ophth., N. Y., 1897, xxvi,

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the outer claw, the second having no phalanx attached, whilst

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enough doctors to take care of the entire expense of such a course. After

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the proportion being not over 5 to 10 per cent. This numl)er of cures,

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Gofman: He would do some of that translation, yes. He

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side does not, however, expand quite so much as the right side, over

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