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lotions night and morning, beginning with i part of carbolic add to

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discharges, and that the poison was thus conveyed to her

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treated on shore, and that floating hospitals should be pro-

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one learns a new language, he cannot do so by proxy. But when he has

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fever, also of ophthalmia, may be explained by the convey-

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severity, and is accompanied from the first by nausea and obstinate

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hardly perceptible limb corresponding to the point of the

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from California to Montana. The bites may cause severe lymphan-

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poison receives corroboration from the researches of Sawts-

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lution that might be tendered to the members of Dr. Had-

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London in August, 1891. Had we been aware of it we should

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dependent or real notices, but paid or arrauged notices or advertise-

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and the Sectional meetings take place from 10 to 2 p.m. At

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a tympanic note is elicited in the left supra- and infraclavicular regions ^

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did. The constitutional remedies, on the other hand, like iron in

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admirable model on which to frame their method of work.

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364, 430. 483. 542, 601, 663, 713, J64, 815, 854, 978,

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Harvey in daring to break with tradition. He stood alone in

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of evidence is more apparent than real, for even those who

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remove from the circulation useless and worn-out x)igments and their

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to adjacent parts apjjears further to be a very constant requirement

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ing water ways running through beautifully laid out grounds

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possibility of draining from the spinal subarachnoid. Having

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pain of renal colic, in which the hand goes at once to the back and then

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on its possibilities made on the dead subject ; a report of

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should keep in view — namely, " to so prepare each drug that

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lowing gentlemen will take part : Dr. Radcliffe Crocker, Dr.

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An election to a Fellowship at Lincoln College will take place on Sep-

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gloves while they operate. These and similar measures of antiseptic

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Fellows who were in sympathy therewith to support the can-

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