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less. Some of these have already been mentioned among j

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plunger screws into the top of the reservoir and forces the

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2nd. Kurkolly, the second village, is erected on the same rock

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the following measurements: left, 16 ctm. in length,

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other kinds of tobacco it may reach four times that

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veneB at such times. This observation is so common, even among lay-

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officer suggests as a remedy for the slaughter of the infants a

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tongue, and does not fall down, unless a couch or bed is in a

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Wyllie, of Edinburgh, in a recent lecture., related the

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treatment, although in some instances the flow appears to have ceased

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going division. Jolly, Berisaude, and others, on similar expeditions,

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Medical Society by Dr. R. A. Patterson, and published in

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death ; this was in the case of a young man who had poisoned himself with

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previous methyldopa therapy has been associated with liver disorders.

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coma. Severe constipation may occur when used with anticholinergics. Closely supervise cardio-

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will be found that the openings to the fourth and third ven-

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a fertile source of disabilities, diseases, and crimes,

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you must either tie it or use torsion. In removing an hypertrophied tonsil,

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was consecutively a less, a greater, and a less number of granules

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nevertheless, that there is a kind of spasm at the os in-

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Transactions of the Sections; Programs, and Abstracts from the Section on General Medicine 201

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Case 32. — Patient. — Y., white woman, aged 58. Medical No. 23633.

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□ Setting up and maintaining your insurance programs.

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instance scarlet fever, thereby causing rheumatic symp-

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some time overlooked. I suppose there are few physicians of much expe-

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has always appeared to me that the great aim of clinical instruction should

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ARNOLD & SONS. 35 and 36, West Smithfield, E.G.

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sis Cholecystitis with possible rupture of the gall-bladder.

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is also the passive form of it. A classical example

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in extent, which opened into the abdominal cavity ; from this

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Broth. — A white, flocculent precipitate in slightly turbid fluid forms in

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with mental enfeeblement ; and the third, that of ad-

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twice a day with a mixture of rhatany and gallic acid, of

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sphere of a single town or country, they propose, to-

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