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time required for improvement to begin to show itself is

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** at random, and directed by no fixed principles; " and there-

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reply, couched, as it was, in terms no less graceful than those

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rable thirst supervenes, which, in all cases of attempted suicide by starvation,

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identical" with //. nana of man, but other authors (Moniez, Braun,

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ment of Texas, extended two months. S. O. 198, A. G.

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breathing, as well as the fullest rest of the body.

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an who entertains such thoughts, who has such inten-

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Naval Intelligence. — Official List of Changes in the Medi-

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this peculiar action is one of great tension, but small in

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upon boiled food, meal-seeds (husks of oats), or coarse straw.

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into the human system by any one of these means, or by a com-

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Mixed cases. — A case has been already mentioned in which neither testicles

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Since the last sentence was written in the first edition of this work,

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T-w T m XT- J. f\ i { 1st Assistant Examiner to Examiner on Medicine,

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Congress, at Brussels, he reported three cases treated in this way. In

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2 Or. 5914, Or. 6419, Or. 5820, Or. 6386, and Or. 5939.

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of a neglected mouth. I need not argue further that no spray can be of any

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organic matter by 20 (Woods's number). It was supposed to

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containing 1.210 beds. Stockholm has seven hospitals, of which the most

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a trocar. The suggestion was not heeded, and a cut was made with a

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ed the lectures of our College. Of these sixty nine were in attendance

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