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enlarged. In reference to ether pneumonia (an entirely new matter] Osier wisely

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may shortly allude to the Acarus scabiei, and the Entozoon follicu-

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the building. In short, these wards may be pronoimced as

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by pressure along the course of the sciatic nerve of the right leg,

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Special Olympics will bring over 6,500 athletes and 17,000 coaches, family members,

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on the Local medication of Pharyngeal and Laryngeal diseases, fre-

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ease." He thought both were equally v\Tong. The facts with

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there is almost incessant sneezing, but this subsides as the secretions

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pounded into toe too tightly; the bruised parts take on a sort of

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thalers is large. Even operations are paid for according

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the object of applying it to the estimation of substances of bio-

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5. No fundamental distinction exists l)etwcen B. coli coinmunis

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V and XXVIII). This latter procedure, though necessary, pre-

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Male impotence was classified under the general term spado, subdivi-

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the only safe anesthetic to give him. Such patients

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one hundred were observed. At » I'.M. uiiotli<r drop

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it on the principle of "civil libertj-." This plea was ridiculed

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secutive to local disease of the tubes in women, or of

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is probable that the excessive indulgence in sweets and in

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An April 1 a violent thunderstorm visited Akab, and all the tents of

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Irreducible Dislocation of the Shoulder-joint. — A. P.

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in the late autumn or in the winter months. 2. The latest pandemic

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increasing doses ; but such is not the fact, for a short

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economical, efficient, and compact. The amount now annually

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infant constitute a large percentage of and local registrars, confirming my suspic-

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from that due to coarse cerebral lesions in being at once controlled

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should be conducted by an expert, in the presence of the local

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the term nodosity would imply. On the contrary, as in its

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months. The day after she went into the hospital the menstrual flow

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was brought into contact with a higher and more mesial portion

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opium and lead water, and alternate this with tincture of

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5. Radium a fid x-Ray. — The use of radium and .v-ray as

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tions stimulating the inhibitory fibres of the vagi.

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Dr. Satterwhite : I was present, and there is no question

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