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disease caused by inhaling fine particles of flint.

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the epidemics of scarlatina, measles, and diphtheria.

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.asked the brickmaker when he came out what soi't of nasty oily stuff he

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multiple wounds on the back and scalp from bursting shells. The

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months after gunshot wounds of the head, either in conse-

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a professional respect, the particulars of which are as follows : —

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the bone-end. A third cause of painful stump is involvement of the

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when partial improvement only has resulted from the previous adminis-

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abdominal wall including this thickening and the uml)ilicus was excised. The

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Wednesday... St.. Mary's, 1 p.m.— Middlesex, 1 p.m.— University

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fluenced by any obstacle to the onward flow of blood, transverse dulness

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nnd other nncient writers. Ohservfttions of Sachsius. Petra a Castro, Avicenna,

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Shiga prefers a combined active and passive immunity produced

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never occurred to me to witness such suspension and renewal of

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very little from ordinary mulled-egg, and which pr( -

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that tuberculosis can be communicated through a sur-

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tendinese, lie even within the auriculo-ventricular opening, and send pro-

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quired an initial sore in June, 1907, followed by a papular

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very well by staining with methyl-green-pyronin, when granular

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conditions to diagnosticate. It is now more generally recognized

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tinue for many years in a small quantity of fluid inclosed between two glasses in

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woman of respectability, the knowledge that she is not as

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monary complication in all the cases. In several cases there was more or

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to its morbid influences upon the constitution. To affect these pur-

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urine and the faeces were both black. The latter, it

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lysed ; he could not completely close the right eyelids, and the

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corresponding sides of both retinas. Lesions of one

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hibited, so as to avoid as many as possible of the jjitfalls

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50 to 75 per cent of patients affected by syphilis. The author points

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weight five pounds; pulse vigorous, frequency 78 ; curve normal,

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Bibliographic citations from 1966 to the present are

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quoted adds to this account that he has himself seen

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and how mych is due to a dermatitis caused by the frantic

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The next day (December Gth) suppuration was fairly established, pulse was

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ground for denying that, in the same sense, they are distinct diseases; in

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