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do not allow the calf to suck, as it will aggravate the sores,
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an's Hospital, assisted by Dr. "White, of Xew York, and Har-
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world may he entirely rid of this scourge of the human
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1898. Mitchell, John K., 1730 Spruce St., Philadelphia.
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effective in one as in the other, when the indications for its ad-
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remedies. Properly combined with indicated auxiliary measures,
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to diminish equally in virulence, at some future day the
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living. Cut off the supply of stimulant drinks and food, establish
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making percussion over muscles it is well to put the body in such
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or portal circle. Given a feeling of fullness in right hypochon-
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vaginated scrotum,) modified that operation, first, by in-
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dition it should be given in hot water. One teaspoonful of the
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sternum and anterior segment of the ribs pass forwards, the lat-
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specific tincture of lobelia hypodermically, and repeat in from
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Cotton States. The capital itself resounds with the tread
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earthy phosphates with ammonium hydroxide and filtering; the
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We can add to certain fixed opthalmoscopes a chamber
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the body. It has been found in greatest virulence and concentration
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of general lesions which might affect the stomach, will determine
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ness. When the bridge of the nose is markedly sunken inherited
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column would be suggestive of aneurism of some part of the
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seen in women, who, because of weakness of the bladder, are
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connexion, the report shows that the mortality among the
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fied heart action is but the logical sequence of the increase in
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not to far advanced. When the disease is to far advanced
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Means of Arresting Hiccup. — Dr. "Wolf has frequently
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for accurate palpation of the appendicial region is acquired so
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tion ; passive hemorrhage ; nausea and vomiting when the tongue
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manner. This is a mere theoretical view, and one would

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