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act at 2.0, and we may note that, after decapsularion,^he
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Hence it would at first seem as though conception could only
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scribed infectious diseases, measles, scarlatina, and small-pox, by its
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hypertrophied vessels. Latterly there has been great controversy
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to prefer them, while invalids and decrepit persons often remain ex-
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Nov. 27th the index had risen to 1*7. On Nov. 29th, exami-
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that is so evident in the skin, and which is almost pathognomonic of
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scarcely ever disappears unless judiciously treated.
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EXCEPT the cartilaginous and bony plates of the arachnoid, which
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the cutaneous nerves was much diminished, while all the other
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possible so long as any fibres remain unaffected. In the
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my remarks by some words of apology and explanation.
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duced in the motor nerves of the extremities from the progress of the
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on the face, and this one fact is sufficient to prevent a mistake in diag-
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occurs not only in dyspeptic children, but also in those who are other-
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In other cases of ligation of the carotid in man, this symptom does no!
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mediately dry into brownish crusts. The nodules still continue beneath
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misled into the belief that the child is thriving simply because
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ance of its growth, and by its early ulceration. At other times, in-
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even if the antigen is present to so small an extent that no
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not generally remain attached more than three or four days ; on the
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examination, it is not readily overlooked. The roseola rarelv occurs
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medicinal treatment of ovarian cysts, humanity requires us to give
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Medical Association in Edinburgh. In 1821, he became a
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the posterior and outer aspect of the leg below the knee. In
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been tried. After the use of the last-mentioned remedy there is
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very dangerous complaint among children during the first months of
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an effusion of lymph that separates the affected cells, forming small
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Echinococci of the brain are much rarer. They form large vesicles,
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features presented, and from observing the effect of treat-
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young cells, it is plain that no distinct boundary line can be drawn be-
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which were the researches of Pasteur into the bacteriology
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impediment is valvular ; in the latter obstructive. Little by
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longer the affection lasts, the more reason there is to fear the devel-
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the vaginal portion, and in a third case in complete contraction
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the point where they finally become attached, the irritation they induce
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used in the same way. After it has acted for a minute or two,
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occasionally contain crystals of triple phosphate, remains of food, para-
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content was never below 2*0. The bladder healed at once
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