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the mouth. Three ounces of unnic acid were likewise
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taken the blood from the vein by means of the syringe.
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of the brain. I have made post-mortem examinations on several cases, in
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or transparency. Their size is that of a grain of sand. They
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the bone back into place in the socket. It is obvi-
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this view I may refer to the post-mortem record of a case
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of syphilitic symptoms because of the inunctions of mercury,
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continuous motion; (3) it must remove the gases, odors, bacteria, dust,
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universities. In the investigation of natural science, new discoveries
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6 hours after the operation, apparently from traumatic sup-
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ceps and drawn down firmly, as recommended by Arendt in 1898. Bleeding
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published a memoir on cirsoid arterial tumours. He especially
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fat which was partly in a free state — the connective
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paper was to show the necessity of selecting the post-catamenial period as the
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portance in the elementary study of otology, and without question
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says that there is more or less confusion in the minds of
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less probability of these men being influenced by partisan motives in
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Let us now pass to the motor troubles. We may notice in all phases
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in the expectoration on the floor of a street-car will be shown.
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General's office. The Crimean returns give 16 exsections of the head
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derangement, or irritation in the diseased organ ; the derange-
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largely synthesized. Munk believes that this synthesis
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these were eases of genuine diphtheria, where hitherto operative inter-
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"Contrary to my expectation, the child's heart had not ceased
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temporal, occipital, and cervical regions, and when the onset is comparatively
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day passed over without its occurrence, much uneasiness was felt by both
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will be a new administration, a new Congress, and many new
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C. ; Capt. Gordon Wilson, M. R. C. ; Lieut. A. E. Strauss, M. R. C.
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leet ; Mr. T. H. Bartleet ; Dr. Bryan ; Mr. Clayton ;
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No. 35.— Aged 25 ; history negative ; ill 7 months ; tempera-
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suggestion, in the early history, of apoplexy without
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healthy mucous surface or membrane. It was anti-fer-
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in the body the conditions most favorable for its growth. A

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