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catheter that moderately fills, and therefore does not over-
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the professional conscience. In whatever papers may be pre-
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six-hooked embryos which bore through the intestinal wall, and
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diagnostic value, owing to their ramifying or cauliflower-like con-
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which was slightly opalescent. Addition of acetic acid in the cold
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and glycogenic functions of the liver are not influenced to
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the copper solution, placed side by side in a similar position. Both the fluids
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night, showing signs of discouragement or rebellion
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Three Plates of Microscopic Preparations. Large 12mo.
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proved considerably in his vesical symptoms under mod-
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lower part of the abdomen. On the left side of the navel a
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advised him to come to see me in six hours, by which time he had
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for the membranes are in as good a condition as can be
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of a case, whether alcoholic stimulants be advisable or not, it should be
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to suggest and speak on this vital question but to act and do.
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payment of one-third the regular first-elass fare; certificates or
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particularly in the puppies and less common in the adults. It is also found
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and suppuration of the lymphatic glands. It b chiefly in this
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borrowed from Gerish's Anatomy. Whitman also uses cuts from the same book to
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tion is quite inconsiderable, and could not give rise to the
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another needing mercury and favouring its effect as a remedy,
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Charles H. Flint, MD; Frank A. Kordecki, MD; John H. Hogan, MD; Henry A. Rom-
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The Lilly Biological Refrigerator is a fine piece of
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frequently attacked, and particularly liable to the severest form of
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surely worthy of more attention. In the delivery of breech
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for tactile impressions or the sensations; some for innervation, or
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division of troops being left behind to prevent the Austrians crossing
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chance of prolonging life, our friend, Mr. Inglehy, liTiQg in
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stertorous respiration, retension of urine, involuntary stools,
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recover. This result is better than that obtained from,
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washed away. Great as the molecular change was, the heat
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Experiment VI differed from No. V in the chloride and urea not being
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recently resorted to it on two occasions for f(ircil)le
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urethra with great accuracy, and for many years I have never
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Etiology. More exact information about the occupation and mode of life,
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indirect cause of anasarca. Cohnheim and Liclitheim produced hydramia in

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