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that the incidence of abnormal spinal fluids in women with late syphilis

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or masked when the areolar tissue has become swollen.

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and of a true pathology. Many persons think that the science of thera-

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hydrochloric acid, an almost entire absence of the ferments, and a very

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in a very brief but pregnant communication to the "British

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muscles of the arm. Wm. Miller, of this city, a man

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by its weight. In the unmarried it is apt to take place in conse-

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i-(m}. [Gr. eyKi^7/K brain + p<i;r'f spine. ] Same

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to hesitate to cut bone, cartilage and skin in the former

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said mass ; pyriform bodies of this description frequently lie

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this evidence to the same laws as are generally recog-

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Adopted the progress report of the Council on Professional Relations and Medical Service.

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solution (strength not stated) of hydrochlorate of cocaine.

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When these forceps are applied and locked together the

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quite similar, if not identical, and we conclude from this that it is

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as a race more liable to the neuropathic tendency, but the greater

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preferred in these cases to the simple watery solutions of other

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centres mentioned could take on compensatory functions, so as to incite

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L0UISVILI.E, Ky., February 17. — To Confederate Veterans:

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This confusion is sometimes made by surgeons. It may falsify our ideas.

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the vaginal tissues. But when cutting below the clamp he found that the

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tion of the separate identity of typhus and typhoid fevers. He has preferred,

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For microscopic examination of fseces, take a small portion of faecal

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is apt to designate it, has become a term both well

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but also in the increase of the current. Under these conditions neither

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their extravagance, but especially the &ct of their coming on in persons

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Francis Hawkins, Esq., M.D., Registrar, General Medical Council.

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I found the uterus perfectly moveable. This was one of

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cases operation had been delayed too long. If done at

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