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and were yet desirous of arriving at the truth." If every

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dition of the patient was much reduced, the convul-

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ble of voluntary movements only during its maintenance. When

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enriching the soil. Hydrogen is derived from organic compounds, ammonia,

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requirement for exercise is opportunity, the seccmd is motive. The

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xxii, 122-124. — Delacroix (H.) Blessure peufetrante

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due to muscular overexercise, ae in certain laborious occupations or

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medicine in Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, and Natural History, by Bartholomew

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whose temperature varied between 87*^ F. and 105° F. and

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well-known Carron oil, half and half with lime water, adding a

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at the end of six to eight months, it may occur at a much earlier

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tion of the body and the limited time at his disposal, the

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bent is. how the grain of the wood runs, but see all

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and at length she was seized with apoplexy and hemiplegia. She recovered

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offer suggestions to make it more effective. After due consider-

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ingress of air into the fistulous cavern. The same constitutional mea-

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successfully employed, namely, by crooking the introduced finger or

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These descriptions exhibit the mildest and most obstinate forms of

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cess of feiTOcyanide of pottassiimi and washing the

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becomes accustomed to it, it may be used advantageously several times a

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used clinically by its discoverer, who claimed that it not

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fifteen, the son of a tradesman in my neighborhood. He had had

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sirable publicity of a case in law, you will have ample

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generalisations. Into the psychical portion of the work, for obvious

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fractions had carbon-dioxide combining powers of 32, but the upper

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The present building was erected in 1880, and opened

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The causes of chorea are uncertain. I saw it, in one case, supervene

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tion and division of the femoral vein is preferable

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cox. The stigmata of thymus deficiency were briefly:

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for the ambulatory and worst for the pneumonic. As 75 per cent,

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without the removal of time-honoured institutions. In

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which have been clearly attributable to the imperfection of the apparatus em-

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found. In order definitely to decide this point, I serially sectioned

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