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It is with sincere and profound sorrow that the Gazette bids farewell, in the
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Dr. J. A. Flexner : Dr. Allen's paper is practically an answer to
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tery, the appendix was exposed. The appendix, which was
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corpuscles with ameboid movement. Specimens of syphilitic
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irregular. Drinks strong tea — " pure black " — three times
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By the first incision these inequalities will be cut through
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The vulnerability of the capillary vessels is a feature; these indi-
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Of the great range of subjects discussed an idea may be formed when it
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|{i)stoii : *' Alcohol is* ncitliiT fond ni»r iiu'dicinc. It ciiii not
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nasal surgery we have to deal with cases, on the con-
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and in central lesions it is absent. DY.sPxa':.\. — The respiration rate is
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spontaneously and were separated by intervals of fourteen, fifteen,
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seven— the shortest time twenty minutes, and the long-
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optimum growth for typhoid, B. paratyphosus A and B. paratyphosus B, colon
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carditis is painful only when it is associated with pleuritis, the pericardium
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in the animal and vegetable worlds have origins as obscure as
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to the humid atmosphere of the valleys, together with neglect of
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is detained in any of the passages, are of the same nature."*
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roots, some of the motor nerves and the intra-muscular nerves, are also
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find from a table on p. 37 that, taking the ten years since 1862,
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th • glands of connection and earliest evidences of
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annoal pil^mage, in 1835, 1846, 1847, 1848, 1859, and in each snccessiTe year
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back as before. He had experienced no difficulty from want of breath
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pressure. Furthermore, the changes in the blood itself might
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venting the unnecessary withdrawal of combatants from the firing
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ble of voluntary movements only during its maintenance. When
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etc. Such comparisons only express intensity of suffering, for it is not to be
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out of sixty-two, the development of cellulitis was
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the ordinary channels into the blood; from this results amraoniacal
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St. John's, Berkely, as occurring " in the person of a young man
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of the eyeball connected with this symptom, are corroborative of ^
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times as great as that passed in the daytime) and of solid matters
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In conclusion, the author states that this treatment of glandular pharyngo-laryn-

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