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muscle, we may see how the joint may become a place for
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In obscure cases of purging, it will be well for the
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satisfied until informed), he will be let to his ultimate object, to
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senile atrophy, malignant diseases, tumors of other kinds, including
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is forced into the cesophagus. There may be a vomiting into
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cipal, Haller, Bichat, Beclard, Broussais, Adelon, Gendrin, An-
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duodenal ulcer, chronic pancreatitis, pyloric obstruction and gall stones
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sis and then removing the tumor, whatever kind it nmy
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1 888, when she began to suffer with symptoms which
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Northern, 2 p.m. ; St. Thomas's, IJ p.m. ; Ophthalmic Hospital, South-
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in accordance with the opinion of Erie J. and Rolfe B. The prisoner was
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the same degree of encouragement. The jiromise held
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years later he was attacked with pains in the temple, accompanied by vertigo
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in the canine fossa. There was no crackling on pressing it at
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as if her head were being drawn back. She also has a "jump-
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and discoloured underneath, particularly that of the scalp. The brain was suf-
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incompetent politicians will not be one of the least im-
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he retained his water ten consecutive hours without the
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fore the wound is closed , for otherwise secondary hemorrhage is apt
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but another, who is ignorant of the meaning of either
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movable, and the mass is not too old, they may be removed.
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apparent, if not real, sii?)erfa>tation has just fallen
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until the swelling has subsided, and advises the suspension of
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a school-teacher from the Carolinas, who suffered from
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surface of the body, and the stainless back, all distinctly showed that
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in determining the nature, or even the existence of a tumour,
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insanity in the offspring of the drunkard (Whitehead, Adams) ;
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An analysis of the symptoms in the foregoing cases shows

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