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without causing it to flicker. On the contrary, when de-
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posing, cause of many a case. I might cite for you innumerable
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swelling in various muscles and joints at the commencement of the secondary
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mental cure, in its essence, is no new thing. It seems but a re-
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Francis ' Hospital, New York City, where he remained for four years,
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The menstrual flow continued from May I to May 8. It
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perance crusade can spare wind enough from its attack on alcohol to assail tea.' " —
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The lesions of the sterno-mastoid, and of the other
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years, and having been captain of three winning International teams.
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If these last are carried against the vertebral bodies,
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with blood. Infiltrations of blood and histological fissura-
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wound infected by a bullet, especially by a pointed bullet,
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Baths of tepid boiled water are always useful in phleg-
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years, also as an attending physician, which position he still holds,
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to the armpit, are evenly turned down and well padded.
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Whereas it pleased Almighty God to lay aside from the active practice of his
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cases, and they seemed so satisfactory that I am induced to ex-
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use of hand-made medicines, and experience at the bedside is
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Lewis Sherman, 171 Wisconsin Street, Milwaukie, Wis., Chairman.
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watches, and so on — lest the electricity should be drawn
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rhea, pyaemia, and similar troubles. In genuine acute articular rheumatism,
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discussion of the subject to the "knowable," or that which is
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requirements of that class of patients who dwire hospital
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mittee was authorized to adopt such rules and means as should
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pneumonia, without, as yet, reaching agreement or certainty.
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combined with his mother's indomitable energy, courage,
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the paternal and patriotic spirit of their forefathers, and
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forty-eight years since he became an interne on the first staff of the
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neighboring townships, but in a much milder form. No reason
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and Diseases of the Joints. All these works are recognised
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any case, whether mild or severe, or may be absent in any case, even the
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bodies, both metallic and derived from the clothing, bleed
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in Philadelphia of sitting down in my father's house, help-
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Committee, for honorary and corresponding members, it was
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ful life, plenty of fresh air (sea and mountain alternately), well-
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a reviewer's point of view, of this first instalment of the revised
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superficial branches of the posterior primary divisions of the
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conceived, and also pains in the sacral region which extend down
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seen in the ambulances at the rear, only found 8 cases ;
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1884, to Isabella, daughter of Dr. James Lenox Banks, of New York
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capillaries : Malpighi, 1661. — Popular Science News.
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