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purely scientific organism, is to be deprecated. But is
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days without inducing any return of the spasms, a small piece of fish was
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of portions of the sunken or retracted external nose.
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actively go to work to suppress it at their demand, it
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nal organs of generation; the second^ the diseases of the internal organs.
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with the greatest caution, on the following day, and the union appeared per-
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The present number of this periodical is not less interesting than its
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Db. John W. Mcbpht presented a young negro girl, with
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1000 grains. As it is ordinarily impossible, however, to secure
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gentlemen in all respects competent to the investigation. The temperature
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hospital. The nomination of this committee and other pre-
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fractures treated by former methods. Hatch also reports
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shorter time." In the present instance, it was swallowed in a dry state,
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more remarkable, that during the whole course of the malady no symptoms
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frantic that we found it impracticable. He took the solution five or six
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allow wine at meals, using narcotics to prevent the
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gives the hypothesis of Dr. De Butts, as the best explanation of the mode
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" William Wilmer, aged four months, came under my care in the month of
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and more frequently than many imagine, be born alive, an object of horror

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