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France, where lliey had been for years expected with

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weeks or months after transplantation and carry a substan-

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5. Number of fliers found physically unfit either by the Flight Surgeon or the

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like the Executive Committee should suppose that any of the

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abdominal symptoms, which are almost constant in typhoid fever, are absent

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order, such consecutiveness of thought, and such a grasp of the

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While much may be said against averages, it is a fact that, unless

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cycle of proof necessary to establish the causal nexus between one

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several important points respecting the disease; viz., the impossi-

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cases the presence of abundant, rapidly growing, and recurring

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directly to the use of contaminated water, it is gen-

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vaseline. As soon as she had recovered from the effects

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and the deep aponeurosis. Result: Failure of technic and false records.

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are, we have reason to believe, a number of Surgeons in Philadelphia

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etiol igy of this affection; here you must enjoin ab-

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dition is not infrequently ushered in by obscure abdominal symptoms

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made, consisting in a voluntary cough, and with that explosive discharge

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I would emphasize in this connection the necessity of

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been described by Unna as ballooning degeneration. The nucleus of

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thought whence this nuisance proceeded, else they would have

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affected. Microbes are not to be found m all neoplasms,

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twenty, or even twenty-three and a half ounces. It is to be remembered,

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