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undoubtedly the cause of her condition, and as her heart was
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stop to its ravages ; but, notwithstanding all this, the epidemic was not
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.schen.) N. Samml. d. auserl. u. n. Abhandl. f. Wuud-
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cordis, and all the evil consequences resulting from obstructed circu-
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sanity," Spitzka, New York, £. B. Treat, 1889; ** Physiology of MUid," Maudsley, New
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Keep in place by adhesive strips. After four or five days, ve side
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TOST PAID. It is also published in MoiUhly Paris, on the Isl of each month, each Part con-
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bed. Arrived at evening and staid over night, and used the
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There can be little doubt that occupation and position in life have
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over upon itself. This would increase remarkably the size of the loop.
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well coated with white lead it will very well serve its
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done. The great difficulty in the anterior route to the apex of the orbit
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continued, transmitted, or reflected into the other organs with
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clusively in the internal viscera, we can understand that in these or-
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more convinced of its eflficacy. The venerable Virchow admits that he must
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sources of fallacy. Pressure from a tumor without, as well as in-
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properly prepared, it is evaporated to one-fifth its origi-
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secretions to be pure to assist in chylosis and protect the
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nous inflammation are thicker and more prominent than those attacked
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stains of meconium on clothing may occasionally form a part of the medical
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second and third days. Not being able to leave the room
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to remain, at its normal level the wall dilated more and more and
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anything she desires, needs no purgatives, and is the picture of
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Foundling Hospital. A moderate amount of whiskey did
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of the head and eyes. In Mierzejewski and Rosenbach's case of
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which I have been able to find. That in these cases, and
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ler's solution in gradually increasing doses, beginning with three

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