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25. Mewis L, Young SE: Breast carcinoma metastatic to the choroid. Ophthal
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occurs in cases of pure aortic stenosis unless there is an elevation of the
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them to stand in the sun for two or three days, when there
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The operation bj wliicli the horse is emasculated is generally
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On the second day he was in the same state, and had so remained.
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tions are chiefly in the glomeruli and consist of intraglomerular and
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tensor longus poUicis. Through this incision the peroneus brevis
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had not to irritate the skin too much ; on the other hand, ineffectual
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they would regard dilatation from such a cause as ex-
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of the co-operative efforts of the internist, the laboratory workers, and
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segment of the vessel, applied pressure below the margin of
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on which it is poured. My own plan with adults is to pour two
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of large pads of wool, soaked in pure glycerine, applied hot,
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of our author's eiray on this fubjedl is principally to exhibit the
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Health Resorts," " Climates of the United States in Colors," etc.,
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has seemed as if it had begun by converting the muscular
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New Orleans. The open order of attack, ha.sty entrench-
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warded off only by the prompt and efficient action of these measures. We
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flatulence, nausea, restlessness, want of sleep, copious perspi-
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of the attendant coronary sclerosis and myocardial degeneration. Yet many
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The rule which I apply to these cases is as follows:
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obstetric estimate) who received intrapartum care and
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pellets of which may be introduced into the nares, while a block of ice
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terminate in the death of the patient, in permanent organic
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sician or surgeon. It will be confessed that such a state of
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mended by some, nor with the pneumatic collar around the
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The early studies of Virchow and his pupils again tended to confuse
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highly hyperoemic condition, which extends to the periosteum, sub-
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It will be seen by table, that of those who died only
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cein, and must not be confused with the change in the

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