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lobes and of the spinal cord ; and 3d, Larger and of regular size

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wound was received ; the parts were healed, but the marks

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say, there appeared to be no room for doubt that viru-

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during a considerable part of the clinical course, that is during the

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hemorrhage. Suppose it is given in single doses of ten grains, more or

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teaches practical surgery in such a manner that stu-

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practice of medicine has a right of existence only by the help which

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The main positions advocated in this study of summer

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to inhale any unpleasant effluvium, blows his nose freely, gath-

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is not necessarily or always enough to break up the

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Precautions: Genera/- 1 Symptomatic response to nizatidine therapy does not

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one or more processes or buds, which after increasing to a certain

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We now use hypodermic injections with greater frequency than of

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which appears to have been, not a pleural effusion,

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Case 2. — James L., set. 1 1, Avas brought to the Evelina

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rethreaded and passed through the anterior vaginal wall,

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of inconvenience. He therefore taps the chest with a large

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Ataxy ; " Dr. Bateman, on "The Localisation of the Faculty

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Minor, George Maynard L. I. Hosp. Coll., '8-5 Waterf ord.

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oftenest reclining on the sofa. . . . Privately she at that

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in vitro, and it is probable that this also takes place in the interior of

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central nervous system by the slowing of the heart action.

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the introduction of pyrogenic substances from out the

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Poirier's work and those of Morau have shown how numer-

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