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membrane is irregular, broader and less distinct ; the nucleus appears swollen
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cosis was primarily cutaneous. This cannot be asserted, however.
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too rapid or too extreme reduction in weight is to be avoided. Gen-
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affected with heart disease will spare himself at least all superfluous
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allowed food, so the presence or absence of food in the stomach is also
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* From the Medical Clinic of the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital.
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fine and coarse, dry and moist. The respiratory and voice sounds were increased.
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ventricular complex, we may conclude that the atrioventricular node is
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From these figures it will be seen that the total population of
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Fig. 25 (C. Family). — The C. family has had eczema as far back as its-
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ascites is the solitary expression of dropsy it gives rise to great em-
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recorded recurrences and 287 escapes from recurrence, the escapes
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this tone and to compare it with the sound of the closure of the aortic
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rupture of the receptaculum chyli was found. In the dog which
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patients have reached the age of maturity. Tachycardia is rare
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lymphocytes that have wandered in the tissues a while, have become
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already remarked in the study of lesions of the valves, the rupture
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no way urinous ; its specific gravity is often below the normal but
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seem that in a healthy aorta there would be an even distribution of
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are not continuous but show themselves only from time to time.
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observation of which gives the most important evidence of atheroma,
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symptoms on admission, but became restless in twelve to twenty-four
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(After W. Ainslie Hollis. Drawn by Miss Mabel Sansom.)
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obstruction to the upward view is in a measure compensated for by
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in two hours; on April 6, 11 per cent, in two hours, and on April 28, 24 per cent,
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is formed some minutes before any coagulation is evident in the tube
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effectual in several cases. The object of digital compression of the
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of the contrasted animals, however recondite, may not be very profound
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In thirteen cases the positiveness of the Wassermann reaction was
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slightly lower level (2.9 to 3.8 per cent.) during the thymus and post-
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parent cause. As a rule there is little or no pain. The bowels
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fatal cases of severe anaphylaxis following injections of horse serum. 1 "
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Lancereaux has cited malaria as a cause, but authorities of great
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From 1 to 1.5 c.c. are used for a test and the serum dialyzed into 20 c.c.
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internal being situated within the gut ; an intermediate variety has
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tionship to anaemic states (chlorosis, leukaemia, etc.), independent of
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of demonstrable or organic disease of the heart, is an affection more
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and are then sent into the general circulation to reach the various tis-
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6. Henderson and Barringer: Am. Jour. Physiol.. 1912-1913. xxxi, ?>S2.

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