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plexion of the patient or whether it be due to congestion. A

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of cortici-petal fibres (System II.) M'hich ascend from the optic thalamus,

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pituitary extracts, stating that two antagonistic bodies can be isolated —

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case belonging to Heller, which is to be described later. These are

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dence to the contrary, I present these facts: first,

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tids, — any of these may also cause opacities of the lens.

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fibres of the lens are thus developed : The small rounded cells of the capsule

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' ib> i>/ utorphin for the pain induce deceptive tranquiUity.

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stones. He had inserted two rows of sutures, and this

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have been obtained in other ways, it is fair to regard the temporary as

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tins Mr. 1 oget could not speak certainly), by the hu.^ of a

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epidemics, as regards the physical and hygienic conditions that precede

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urine passed in twenty-four hours was 12 ounces, 413.07 grains. The

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meter, sixteen to eighteen inches long, and closed in a flame at one end, is

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filariform parasites in O'Neil's craw-craw ; that is to say, the worms were

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fevers. In these remarks, I desire it to be clearly understood that

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could come to the conclusion that Williams — who had taken so

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quent twisting and bending. The periosteum is also unduly

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corneal trouble, is quite useless in such cases ; yellow

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pressure. Some Practitioners, therefore, have recurred to the

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vems, with dilatation of the veins of the lower extremities, and anasarca ;

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associate. New clinic building with adequate facilities,

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been no bleeding since the second injection. At this time the baby's blood

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cases of heart disease involving the heart muscle chiefly or the valves and

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ever can ; but tact plus backbone means that one must have the courage to

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colic, coming on in paroxysms, with frequent hematuria

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