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were slowly added with constant stirring to prevent caking. When this was

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was followed by constipation, but both vomiting and diarrhoea

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served in paresis, is a valuable guide for diagnosis

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variety of causes, external and internal, mental and corporeal,

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intensity of the affection. Thus we speak of a nasal, abdominal,

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become more plentiful, and the urea will diminish in quantity ; yet, although the

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Besides its great frequency in children, and besides

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Third District, JOHN G. ORTON, M. D., Broome County.

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suppuration, the most influential factor is chronic syphilitic infection,

newer antipsychotics and glucose metabolism a comparison between olanzapine and risperidone

M. Ass., Chicago, 1899, xxxii, 294^290.— Moiira-Brazil.

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for in five days temperature was normal, A. M. and P. M. I

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observation. Some interesting results, published in 1868,^ were

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be prohibited, and the reasons explained. Cleanliness is not instinctive

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natural instincts ; the same causes which originate one being

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of the compound soap pill. Dr. Murchison also teaches us to

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uses also a metal plate with a long and narrow hole in

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the discharge of serum or pus; as derivatives, by producing a

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i den Europeiska Nordeii intill utgangen at det 18:de

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shaped parasite, which, by means of a special dye, he differen-

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toba at any rate, will each continue to have an examining

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or on the approach of death. Bodily disease or incapacity does not affect the

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Glasgow University. — It is announced that the following

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or less dyspnea and nausea. In the later stages the

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