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hands, and with us it has entirely superseded carbolic acid

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to be made payable to Dr, G. P. Sylvester, Business Manager, 585 Church St,, Toronto.

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tion is also given at page 299 as amounting to £105, including

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Dr Arrott then proposed a vote of thanks to Mr Campbell,

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by Dr Fenwick to have been used, with considerable success, in

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found in the lungs and liver; there was also retention of urine in

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lous and purulent meningitis — could he perceive any relief in the symp-

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old constrictions, from cicatrization, were observed ; otherwise, they, with the

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and who is an authority on neurosis, writes in his last number, as follows :

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of the important function of cholesterine opens an al-

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the latter being the common receptacle for the excreta of the en-

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book is a very practical one, and covers thoroughly what it

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view, had also attended his study of Bichat. Let him think

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a hysterectomy by the combined method for a sloughing

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For this disease of the eyes, but without reference to stage

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33 hoped that the information" here required may be readily obtained.

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Chronic Interstitial Myocarditis. — According to Drs.

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the health care legislation of the 1960's. But these

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Tincture of Veratrum Viride is used instead, by some practitioners,

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ing circumstances may be adduced as corroborative of this position.

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produces more tedious separation of the destroyed parts, thus giving

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lated copper wire projecting from the handle of the catheter should

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soon as normal conditions of the digestion were restored, the size

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plainant for an unfounded complaint, in the case of § 30, paragraph 1,

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present in large numbers. The colored patient seems less resistant than

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had obtained their degrees by examination. The graduates

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and higher hope than either Ida or mother, who sat beside him. The thun-

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and the various causes that tend to chronic inflamma-

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flamed, and the animal disposed to rub himself, a smart cathartic

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scourge of humanity — yellow fever. His conti-ibu-

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relinquish this assistance with regret. Accordingly, the more

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especially in the severe and persistent cases. He commences

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present illness developed, he, as well as the medical examiner, found

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That a very large loss of vitreous does not by any means

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