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System, at fearful and distressing distances, and are incompetent to

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place in July, when the patient was removed to the liighlands

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respiration 34 ; the application of cold was continued.

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sults of competition, haste to get rich, political and social ambition,

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ciples. We cannot help thinking the veratrum viride is the safer of

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titled How Coroners are Appointed, criticising Governor Gaston's action in

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doses I'm quite sure that not one of these patients hates me for using

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gelling better and would soon be well. These promises were repeated

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be secured in one which are impossible in the other. That may

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Kidney, Albuminuria, and the Urinary Secretion. By Henry Millard, M.D., A.M.

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pocrates in the following terms : "Hippocrates, who is the

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bined with RJmbarh oy Jalap; or, what is frequently a more effectual

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whether the distance to be traversed is one mile or

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adaptation from a constant current controller already

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ians were, in both eyes, at 100° or 80°. If the best

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of your journal of the 5th instant, containing a brief account of _ the true

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iiicumbc'it upon the d-jfcnd.-mt to show tliat the alleg'aliona

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L. Lisiecki, Publisher, 9 to 15 Murray St., New York, 1904.

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heing inconsistent with this general improvement, that

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of the writer's cases of celiotomy for rupture of the parturient uterus, clamps

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move at least every other day, but, if diarrhoea should

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stamp of his thorough and exact comprehension of the needs of the insane, and

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larger a pad should be applied so as to press on the canal above

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it out in a very thin film on a cover-glass, dry in the air, and

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tumour, as he reports that the main mass of the tumour was in the nares

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lesions or of nephritis ; it is the result neither of cachexia nor of venous

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increased and a tumor could be made out above and on the

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brandy injected into the latter at some distance from its lower

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which will assist the enfeebled digestion, improve a weak

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general eruption are never prolonged indefinitely, like those of psoriasis ;

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Pathological Anatomy. — The distinctive lesion of rickets is a pecu-

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B. typhosus gives blue colonies with lactic acid, and the B. coli gives red

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Synonyms. — Rhynchoprion persicum Oken 1818, Argas persicus

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to connect an unusual development of vegetable fungi with

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Frequency usually is the result of some bladder disturbance which latter,

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and alter the consistency of the surrounding hypersemic and oedema-

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thus brought into use, too great nicety in wiping the whole sur-

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advertising of quackery thrives so well in so-called religious journals,

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