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Polyclinic in three years) he believes primary infection of the digestive tract

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was «Tth the greatest dijfieulty that her life was saved. In

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r-ith an annual gratuity of twenty guineas. Mr. Gilson

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In examining the new-formed joint we easily feel a large, new-formed olecranon and

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disease, the special clinical interest being marked cardiac

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"Body of an emaciated white man. Left eye missing. Abdomen dis-

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This morning, April 11th, after a sleepless night, she was seized with

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not so marked, but is more constant; in conjunctivitis it is more

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end by a far more complicated route. The proposition which

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from the stalk, keeps much better than immature corn. It is certain

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cluded under this act. Associations of physicians were

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showed typical, rapidly formed tubercle tissue with

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round cells of the lymph passages. After the end of

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fluid above. It should be examined for elastic tissue, and if areolse or frag-

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"^''"''^ ''7':''''> '•''•''■''-' ''F '- -i'^n fiiv i, , .1,1 !v i,n,,.ii,.d uh,n , in.

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parts water, it yields a liquid which on cooling forms a bitter

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of angeiomata. We know it is easy to remove aryepiglottic or supraglottic

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heart-beat ? The slower heart-beat, that is to say, is not due to

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be varied ad infinitum and combined one with the other.

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Sympttmis. — The clinical recognition of the adhesions offers formidable

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comparison between the wages of agricultural labourers of England and

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Sir James Paget followed with a brilliant address, in

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of the cells have this fine granular appearance, but in some of the

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The child from birth had been weak, cachectic, and scrofu-

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sidered. Further, the basal metabolism is an index to the effect of

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gumma has, therefore, been confirmed by treatment, and the patient

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internal medicine. * * Electricity has a temporary effect in relaxing the muscles, aod is

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said that he was nervous and irritable, but attributed

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tient with movable foot-pieces by which your extension

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The medico-legal relations of epileptic insanity are important. How far should

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