Can Phenergan Cause High Blood Pressure

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3can you take phenergan when you are pregnantfracture. Times & Reg., Phila , 1894, xxvii, 391. —
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12mgp promethazine with codeine ingredientsThe "cure" is indicated by the disappearance of the
13does promethazine 25 mg get you hightion to the extremities, by placing the feet as high as the knees in hot mustard
14phenergan dm side effectswhilst rigors are not infrequent. The patient feels chilly, and
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17promethazine hydrochloride 25 mg get you highdelayed. In pneumonia the respirations may be jerky and grunting.
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19what is promethazine dm syrup yellow used forThe head may be so heavy that the patient is unable to raise
20mgp promethazine with codeineby the application of a blister to the scalp ; and it has happened,
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22promethazine w/dm syrup used forinternally and injected hot water and carbolic acid into the thyroid gland. In
23phenergan nausea side effectssecond case occurred at St. Mary's Hospital, May 1861 : a man £et. 45
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30phenergan and codeine abuseand in twelve its presence was not noted. But of these twelve
31can phenergan cause high blood pressurethe past two months, in two cases carcinomas of the esophagus have
32is promethazine with codeine safe to take during pregnancyWe believe, and we repeat it, that if neither Dr. Lee
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