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does not inflame at ordinary temperatures on account of the rapid
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from this injection 28 days afterward they received 100 c.c. of virulent blood
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Prowazek" describes a fiat, spiral thread which passes from the
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assess the shares of the serum, of the diphtheritic poison, and of the secondary
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on the other hand, the method of obtaining them has been fully
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occurrence of paroxysmal dyspnoea or asthma, and after discuss-
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mer of 1893. Dr. Thomas had reported (American Therapist.,
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tter the severe fit, had fallen to its usual subnormal standard of
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Lateral view of ununited and deformed fractures of shafts
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the spasm is broken up, the patient must continue to
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Bader, Mr. C, on the treatment of conical cornea by removal of the top of the
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tain drugs, and not all drugs. Puzzling over this thing,
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and, especially, of the circumstances under which they become
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apart. The breathing was difficult and noisy, and aphonia complete. The
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During the fiscal year 857,046 immigrants were inspected by the officers of
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standing all the efforts to prevent them, entered the bazaarat
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(G. C.) Notes on hill malaria. Indian M. Gaz., Calcutta,
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of the vessel in which it had been received, without any apparent
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Sidonna can calm Gl spasm... control anxiety. ..and release entrapped Gl gas from
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are always childless, we begin to arrive at a correlation in
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the time of delivery, the Saturday following, about noon. She was
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against Dr. Andrew Wood's motion, I shall have very great
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be sure what disease the patient has, but this diagnosis
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force of the circulation is very misleading as to treatment.
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members of our Profession, and offers to have any of its milk
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the knife lightly round the dotted line i, 2, 3, 4, and 5, cutting
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the onset of the symptoms, and seldom over four weeks. When chil-
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examination. A mixture of twenty parts of distilled water with ten
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very feeble. Crepitation and increased vocal resonance now heard posteriorly as high
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In the process of germination of seeds, and the fermentation of
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not popular, nor are they encouraged by examining boards.
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