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the shaft about 2 inches from the end makes a sort of hoe-shaped in-
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ably borne. li^o cold applications must on any account be applied
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an official endorsement of his sectarian character. That
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or twenty times in the twenty-four hours, had so emaciated her
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and be combined with uniform clinical expressions, classification
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nature, as in setting an eye, an ear, a nose, or one or more teeth, or
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IX. The so-called cutis laxa or cutis hyperelastiea (Unna) also is
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due Professor Atwater and his associates for freely placing at our dis-
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this power of accommodation is lacking and equilibrium is sud-
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immediate contact of the circulating blood. But in process of
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under the most adverse circumstances. If diarrhoea should come
carried on under the joint editorship of Dr. Joseph Coats
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lesions, cannot be too highly recommended. They compel a more thorough examina-
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ness. Blood in the posterior fossa of the skull may also
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the back of his head. The distance to which it can be
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a quorum of the House of Delegates. All meetings of
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tion will include anatomy, physiology, surgery, science and practice
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Miss Jane I. Robertson — A Study in Self -revelation. 83
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severity. The first attack of hsemorrhage, if not treated, may be sufficiently
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molecular detritus of the liver-cells. It is difficult to explaui the 6rai«-
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for each took it for granted that the light they saw " was carried in
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will also realize that the consumptive who is careful to
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advanced . sufficiently to dilate the cervix and then to treat
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author in Frankfurt and later under Ehrlich's direction. The
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five months, but Klein not after seven weeks. Gartner concluded that
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sore, use one-third Iodine and two-thirds Kerosene or Coal Oil.
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Disturbances of the blood may also cause hyperirritability to the per-
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Optic hallucinations are present but take a subordinate position; they
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success, the family physician informing the parents that it
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moved, but there was no more reason for this than there was for
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ORoN.^To report to the Commanding Officer, District 01
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