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representative, who met us on our arrival in Nish at 8 a.m. on March 4,

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duced into the bladder drew off twenty-four ounces of

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That lactation is independent of ovarian influence in some cases is shown

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temperature. If this be of no avail, the application of electricity, as

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are apt to have, with prolonged expiratory murmur, a great

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and M. Joffroy, under the direction of M. Charcot, and published

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Objection 2. — " In extraction, the handles nearly to the last

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worry, hereditary tendencies to nervous breakdown, the

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without disturbing the pressure. The lock, in addition, makes

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oculation of apparently the same varieties of streptococci

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body did not offer a favourable medium. Not only did this

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possessed the additional advantage of having never been

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vered and exposed to the air. Several years ago I hud the opportunity of

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stand, seeing that we have long been possessed of very precise data

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of absence tor two months on surgeon's certificate of dis-

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siderably, but even then relapses are apt to occur.

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twenty-four to forty-eight hours over due. Stools black or

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prescribing one-twentieth or one-sixteenth of a grain of bichlo-

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periments were concerned it was interesting to note

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tions, and in the lungs were small numbers of gray, transparent granula-

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or hear, where they burn green and dry wood, turf, and sawdust, the disease is

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Retropharyngeal Abscess in Infants. By W. M. B. {American

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granulations of the lungs, in the so-culled tubercular or granular mentis

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4* The Unexcelled Uterine Tonic, Alterative Antispasmodic and Anodyi

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{c) A man with signs of injury to the LAST DORSAL, all

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medicine is not without its moral. In every modern cen-

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irrigation with i to 4,000 solution of bichloride of mer-

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time airo, to undertake a series of pharmaceutical ex-

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in almost all cases on account of their resolvent, sedative, and tonic

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