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through the tube into the uterus without difficulty.

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abandon it foithwith : by so doing they will not only spare their

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the abdominal cavity during the process of healing.

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accompany similar changes in the mucous membrane of the fauces and

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A petition had been received from several representative

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|{i)stoii : *' Alcohol is* ncitliiT fond ni»r iiu'dicinc. It ciiii not

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Surgeons in Ireland. "Any member of the College of Sur-

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syphilitic tubercles of Erasmus Wilson (see Plate 3, fig. E, of his

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or four days." After making a research of all the litera-

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be distinguished from the surrounding fat ; but in slight cases they are

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which may be absorbed by the smoker, science is perfectly silent.

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cell in the so-called degenerations, as phosphorus poisoning, the

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openings in the lung tissue complicating rib fractures- close

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rin and Ruflfer, in experiments on animals, discovered that section of the

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cases of nephritis following mastoid were common. He

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the temperature suddenly ran up to 106** F., he preferred

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the subject matter of the lectures being correlated with the laboratory work.

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been in the hands of a syndicate or trust which now con-

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condition in purpura variolosa. The blood shows no characteristic changes.

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from the larger take out the red inside, for when they are black

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eggs, fresh meat and bread, preferably whole-wheat bread.

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cold disease-causing agents, he will pile layers of clothes on himself

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the vertebrate ho3t. Some of the parasites penetrate the

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dicinal purposes. Laws prohibiting the sale of dis-

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as some would have us believe. But in the faradic stimulation of muscles we

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(2) zymotic bacteriuria ; (3) relation of cases examined, methods

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neutral, and containing no deposit ; may be relied upon as f resenting in a most perfectly

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removed, either with a special shears or an ordinary bon*

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Collectively these bills represent a great step toward the improve-

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and other observers insist upon conjugation, causing a rejuvenes-

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water to cover them. Strain the liquid into a fresh saucepan,

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delusion, and the intellectual or delusional. It is more convenient and

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by a great number of surgeons, especially in America and Great Britain,

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tion of all the operations which may be undertaken through the vagina. He makes out 9»

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and water boiled. A Spaniard, Francirea Marlines exhibited himself,

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into the stomach. If given by the rectum it is often

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