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of an epidemic extra precautions should be taken. Stations

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about 4 months old Cultures <>t' B anguinarium have been fed in a

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relief by "cerebral decompression", and a large number of cases was

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Trimmer, E. L., 4776. Marcellus, N. Y., Jefferson Med. Coll., Pa., May 14. 1S97.

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""lH■ -lull : ,1,. nuuT t,.l>K. ,- -pl,„K-,vJ. Hn,- .un Iut ndn. ,n^ I lu- ki.u-i u

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grades (from delicate paleness to pernicious anemia) as

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Chloroform is specially preferable if there is hajmor

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great tendency to the extension of the inflammatory

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and it was only in instances in which this warning or reminder

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so in place of passing into the cavity of the bladder, the calculus,

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convulsions, has a very different interpretation during the

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One-half or one tablet three or four times daily. Tablets

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five recorded cases there was only one death, and that was the case of a

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the fit be genuine the accumulatefl nerve-force finds relief in jactitation of

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gestion of a pint of water during work by a strong girl, aged twenty-

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Leonurus cardiaca (motherwort) : The alcoholic solution of the

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Infirmary, Emeritus Professor of Physiology, University

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keep the broad banner of relorni unfurled, and whilst those who are

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■want to be the most fruitful of aU sources of this disease.

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get to watering-places may often thus be brought under the influ-

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the fifth volume of the Ophthalmic Hospital Eeports, has laid

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apiiOBocral, Pelvic, Placenlal, Polar, Preternatural,

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Church, the Foreign Christian Missionary Society, and the Board of

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thyroid and hypophysial disease consist of urine examinations and

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to the life force, and would take place on a dead as well as a

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